What makes a good game of slot "playable" more than the others? What creates a perfect balance of RTP, Hit Rate, and volatility? It's being widely recognized, that a good slot is the one most played.  Achieving this has long been the number 1 task of numerous gaming studios, as well as gaming operators themselves, trying different combinations to unlock the key to the gamblers' souls.
[INSIGHT] How do we produce slots. Some info on funny and important process.
The second important part of slots development process is addressing mathematical and game mechanics values. As we all know, those are very important and defining for both the iGaming operator and the players themselves. It is important to accurately adjust RTP, in accordance with the game claims and plot style, to acceptable values. At Five Men Games we approach RTP and volatility as usually middle, aiming for the players to fully enjoy the game and all of its features. With that being said, there are also some slots with different values, designed for more risky players.
Making a good game of slot is always a challenge. Not only because the market is full of all sorts of slots for many many years, but mainly because it is hard to guess which slot will be a commercial success, and which one will struggle to attract even a few spins.
[FIVE.MEN.EXCLUSIVE] Why gamblers chase same slots all over again?
"777" and Fruits still work? Not only that they work, but still dominate the majority of iGaming operators lobbies. Why is that? The first slot machine originated from poker back in the days and was a glorious sensation at that time. Game of poker, which requires some calculating skills and determination, essentially raised in a totally different angle. It's still a funny combination of pictures, but its simplification and logic settled a start for something, that appeared to become a multi-billion industry for upcoming ages.
[FRESH IDEA] How to pitch generation Z to play slots after pandemia?
Global coronavirus pandemia is making many players and organizations rethink their approach towards the targeted audience. This is especially visible in iGaming, where the majority of young players are playing online and placing high customer service and quality of content demand on iGaming operators. Is this the right time now to accept the call and offer an adjusted vision
[FRESH THOUGHTS] Some thoughts on Africa and Latam gaming preferences
Latin America and Africa are two geo zones being targeted by gambling operators very extensively, especially in recent years. High attractiveness of both regions is defined by their formal statuses of emerging countries zone, but mainly by the real factors: rapidly growing population, expanding internet accessibility, and improving communications, allowing classic offline gambling.
[NEW] Some of the uprising trends in online gambling industry
[NEW] Some of the uprising trends in online gambling industry It was close to obvious, and for some too obvious, that already in 2016 online gambling has started to quickly move to extensive video content. While the majority of online gambling traffic is still concentrated around old-fashioned forums and review/content portals, the new generation is slowly starting to dictate the new trend: video. Controlled video. Controlled video with features. Education and engagement with the other players. We can already see uprising trend of gambling streamers on twitch and video content becoming defining for example for such products like live roulette or live poker games. Who is going to take the challenge to meet the demand? Clear trend number 2 is a deeper player engagement. There are already online casinos offering some advanced tools like in-game chats or helper tools, advanced live statistics, and other features. Players in 2020 don't want to just play. They wanna feel good, important, and addressed at the same time. And it's up to operators and gaming studios to accept the call. Both trends are just in a very environmental trend of the 2020 decade. Speed, no data limits, 24/7 engagement, and deep personalization. Is web 3.0 going to come to gambling that quick?
It all started with a physical machine trying to emulate the combination of poker symbols with some random elements. It was in the 19th century, and we are all enjoying slots since then. However, pretty quickly it turned around, that most iconic and recognized symbols in the game of slot are FRUITS.
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