5men games Careers is always looking for talented team members to strengthen our team and increase quality of our content. If you are a talented artist, developer, manager or support with experience in gamedev, we need you! Take a look at some of our currently open positions, and if you see a match, let us know!
art director
We are searching for Art Director who will work with and manage the art team to create the characters, backgrounds and UI for our game mood, tone, graphical signature, and sense of motion. The Art Director will also be responsible for creating and communicating the artistic vision for the game.
Account Manager
We are searching for Account Manager, who will build relationships, maintain client satisfaction levels, add value for our clients, develop 5Men brand and ultimately increasing our business and revenues through a combination of harvesting and cross selling suite of our games and services.
2D Artist
We are looking for an experienced 2D Artist, who has professional experience working in-house, preferably within the games industry. If coming up with creative concepts and efficiently creating high-quality art assets is what you are passionate about, then this is the right job for you.
2D Animator (spine)
We are looking for a highly talented and experienced 2D Animator. You will be responsible for a creating and editing key-frame animation and editing mocap data for in-game characters and sequences, to provide high-quality content for our games currently in production.
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