Discover brand new exclusive and mystic slot from Five Men Gaming studio, CHERNOBYL!
Five Men online Gaming studio is proudly presenting a brand new, exclusive slot title, covered with tons of mystery, magic, scarcity, pure gambling, and special, described by many as wonder and dramatic at once, Chernobyl zone, full of huge prizes and crazy undertakings!
CLASSIC GAMING reincarnated! FIVE MEN GAMES gives you a chance to taste it again, with our new PIXEL FRUITS slot.
Pixel Fruits 2D is another exciting slot game from Five Men Gaming, the newest addition to our portfolio of Fruit Games, this time targeting the very deep and core nature of every person who lived through the nineties, the nature of 2d Gaming. Everybody remembers the means of SEGA MEGA drive, as well as lovely DENDY games. Needless to say, that people spent days and days trying to make it with some adventure or action game, without any sort of savings (!). The game, the passion, the dedication, the absolute impossibility to pause the process, and the incredible, almost genetic-based addiction.
Five Men Games is proudly introducing another fresh slot title, SO SERIOUS JOKER.
Five Men Game online gaming studio proudly presents a brand new slot, So Serious Joker. Funny, mystery and super classy is here to take care of your gaming excitement, and you should definitely think of accepting the call! Do you think you can beat Joker?
DRINKING TIME! Five Men Games introduces brand new slot, PIVNICE, CZECH PUB.
DRINKING TIME! Five Men Games introduces brand new slot, PIVNICE, CZECH PUB. Love pubbing and gambling? Your turn now!
[18+] Kamasutra exclusive online slot goes LIVE !
18+ SLOT TIME ! We all know what Kamasutra is, but few of us considered it playable in such a lovely style. With Five Men Games it's now possible! Play our brand new super hot slot!
Boiling Hot Online slot goes LIVE !
Boiling Hot is the newest slot game title released by Five Men Gaming studio. It is a very classical, beloved, and traditional 3 reels and 3 rows slot game with hot fruits, ready to please your gaming feelings and designed for the very core classic players.
[WOW] SPECIAL SLOT FOR POLAND RELEASED! Play Lucky Janusz exclusively!
Lucky Janusz is themed on the classic Polish mem and lucky opportunities to win huge prizes accompanied by classic average Polish man environmentBeloved country, Poland has become a real sensation in recent years in terms of gambling, and especially online gambling. Five Men Games online slot reflects the market reality and presents you the tailor-made title, especially aimed at Polish players.
Return of the Koh-i-noor online slot goes live!
Five Men Games is proudly presenting brand new slot title, Return of the Kohinoor. Get into the exciting world of Indian treasuries and feel the charm of the legend!
Kuponovka Online Slot Review
Take a chance to dive into the romantic period of PRIVATIZATION in Eastern Europe, where it is possible to WIN BIG. Our brand new original slot takes you into the wild 90-ies of Central Europe.
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