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Providing site visitors with a wide selection of demo games, 5Men also takes responsibility for the high quality of the content we offer. We have a responsible gaming policy, providing you with complete information on gambling addiction and making efforts to prevent problems associated with an excessive love of gambling. At the same time, we respect the observance of the rights of people who are able to play in reasonable volumes and who consider playing 5Men games as one of the options for organizing leisure activities. Responsible gaming from 5Men is not only the desire to minimize the negative consequences of love for the gaming, but also the adoption of measures to guarantee our customers an honest game.

We are hereby declaring, that this site is not intended in any way for real money gambling, nor it acts as the agent or 3rd party referring players to the real money casino.

Full randomness of all gaming combinations and game security are the main principles of our work. We offer the end-users an excellent selection of fair games and give everyone the opportunity to play without compromising their wallet, receiving quality service.


5Men.Games is responsible for ensuring that our customers, their personal data, and actions are safe. The basis for customer protection is the refusal to transfer the personal data of players to third parties and a reliable system for protecting this data. The unpredictability of the game and the integrity of all processes at 5Men are under the strict control of independent organizations.


Our statistics show that most of the customers play moderately, only for entertainment. However, for some people, such habits can develop into an obsession, addiction (similarly, it happens with other familiar activities – the love of food, shopping, etc., which are normal in moderate doses) and become a problem. 5Men takes into account such risks and does everything possible so that they do not arise, and the game takes place in a safe environment.


Persons under the age of 18 are not allowed to play 5Men games. Taking into consideration the nature of our content and the fact, that we provide content “as is” if you experience our games anywhere and you are allowed to play for real money, and you are being a minor, please contact us immediately at


Problematic gaming behavior is an unreasonable craving for a game in which a player harms his life, his family’s financial situation, work, health, etc. Such a player should not continue to participate in games, as the consequences can be devastating.

In 1980, gambling addiction was recognized as pathology and ranked as a psychological disease according to the international classification systems DSM-IV and ICD-10. Dependence on gambling was defined as a long-term, systemic, increasing craving to play despite a bad family situation, trouble at work, and other adverse social circumstances.


Are people addicted or not? Addiction to gambling is not caused by any substance, so it is difficult to assess where the enjoyment of the game ends and addiction begins. An accurate diagnosis can only be made by a specialist. However, you can adequately see your gaming behavior from the side of yourself.

There are certain signals in the presence of which it is possible to diagnose that a person is addicted to the game. Take a look at the list below. If the client has 5 or more signals from him, he is in danger:

  • All thoughts and conversations of the client – only about the game.
  • His bets are constantly growing.
  • He is trying to give up games or limit himself to this, but to no avail.
  • If he suddenly limits himself, it turns out that the person is annoyed, angry, disappointed.
  • The game allows the client to get away from life’s difficulties.
  • The client is constantly trying to recoup.
  • He’s lying about how much he plays and what amounts are at stake.
  • A customer borrows money to place a bet.
  • To continue the game, the client is capable of illegal and illegal actions.
  • Due to the love of games, the client spoiled relations with loved ones.


How to ensure that playing 5Men games brings you joy, but does not make you addicted? Just follow the rules we have proposed:

  • Start the game only in a calm, focused state.
  • Do not play if you are in a state of aggression or gloom.
  • Do not play while intoxicated, drunk, or under the influence of drugs.
  • Constantly take breaks in the game.
  • Determine in advance how much you are willing to spend on a game, ex. per week, and do not increase this limit under any circumstances.
  • Before starting the game, decide what the maximum amount of winnings will suit you, and immediately after reaching it, stop the game.
  • Also determine how much you are ready to lose today, and finish the game, reaching this figure.
  • The main rule of 5Men is staying responsible for participation in real-money gambling games. We care about our players and take into account the principles of social responsibility. We also recognize our responsibility to each player for the quality of our gaming products, as well as for your understanding of the risks that gambling addiction poses to a person’s life.


The filtering system allows you to block children and other members of your family from accessing certain Internet resources that are unsafe for them. Use filter programs to block teenagers from accessing porn sites and similar content, including gambling sites. The prohibition criteria are up to you.

If you are worried about your loved ones or friends, then please contact us as soon as possible. Our support team is available via email [] (mailto: They will do their best to help you.

Although we are 100% dedicated to helping you or your loved ones, we still recommend contacting independent professional gambling support services.

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