Strong Gold

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About Strong Gold

In the realm of online slots, “StrongGold” emerges as a captivating medieval narrative crafted by 5Men Gaming studio. As the reels spin, players find themselves transported to an era of knights, princesses, castles, and swords, where chivalry reigns supreme.

At the heart of this medieval tale is a set of symbols that breathe life into the game’s rich atmosphere. The gallant knight, adorned in shining armor, commands attention as the Wild symbol. With each appearance, he stands ready to substitute for any other symbol, save for the Scatter, in order to forge victorious combinations.

Beside him, a regal princess graces the reels, her presence promising opulent rewards to those who seek her favor. A majestic black horse, embodying both power and grace, gallops forth as another symbol of significance. A medieval ram, its significance steeped in history, adds further depth to the game’s authenticity.

As the player’s journey unfolds, they encounter the formidable castle – a testament to the strength and grandeur of the medieval era. Alongside it, a shield bearing two crossed swords stands resolute, symbolizing both protection and valor.

Amidst these emblematic figures, the familiarity of card symbols (A, K, J, Q, 10) weaves seamlessly, offering smaller but nonetheless satisfying rewards.

The game’s apex lies in the form of a regal crown – the Scatter symbol. When three or more of these crowns grace the reels, they herald the arrival of 10 free spins, and the activation of the StrongGold bonus feature. During these spins, the valiant knights expand to cover all rows, opening the path to even grander victories.

For those who relish the thrill of risk, “StrongGold” introduces a gambling feature. Here, players have the opportunity to double their winnings by venturing a guess at the color of a card. It’s an exhilarating gamble that adds an extra layer of excitement for those eager to enhance their rewards.

With a classic 5×3 reel layout, “StrongGold” exudes a sense of familiarity, allowing players to comfortably immerse themselves in the medieval saga. However, it’s worth noting that this adventure is not for the faint of heart. With high volatility, “StrongGold” promises the potential for significant wins, but it requires a strategic approach and a touch of patience.

With the potential to claim up to 1600 times their base bet, players are presented with a tantalizing opportunity for substantial winnings. And with a 33% hit rate, the game maintains a steady flow of action, ensuring that players have ample chances to experience the thrill of victory.

In conclusion, “StrongGold” by 5Men Gaming is a testament to the artistry of slot game creation. Seamlessly blending the mystique of the past with the excitement of modern gaming, it invites players on an epic journey through medieval times. From the gallant knights to the opulent princesses, each spin tells a story, and each win feels like a triumph. Embark on your own adventure, and see if you have what it takes to claim the treasures of “StrongGold.”

Game Details
  • Released
  • Reels x Rows
    5 x 3
  • Paylines
  • Volatility
  • Hit Rate
  • RTP
    94 %
  • Max Win
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