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[FIVE.MEN.EXCLUSIVE] Why gamblers chase same slots all over again?
"777" and Fruits still work? Not only that they work, but still dominate the majority of iGaming operators lobbies. Why is that? The first slot machine originated from poker back in the days and was a glorious sensation at that time. Game of poker, which requires some calculating skills and determination, essentially raised in a totally different angle. It's still a funny combination of pictures, but its simplification and logic settled a start for something, that appeared to become a multi-billion industry for upcoming ages.
[FRESH IDEA] How to pitch generation Z to play slots after pandemia?
Global coronavirus pandemia is making many players and organizations rethink their approach towards the targeted audience. This is especially visible in iGaming, where the majority of young players are playing online and placing high customer service and quality of content demand on iGaming operators. Is this the right time now to accept the call and offer an adjusted vision
[FRESH THOUGHTS] Some thoughts on Africa and Latam gaming preferences
Latin America and Africa are two geo zones being targeted by gambling operators very extensively, especially in recent years. High attractiveness of both regions is defined by their formal statuses of emerging countries zone, but mainly by the real factors: rapidly growing population, expanding internet accessibility, and improving communications, allowing classic offline gambling.
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