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About Democracy

Indeed, Democracy has undergone a lot of trials in the outgoing years. To tell the truth, many do not even believe if it exists at all? Let’s be honest. For many, the very word and concept “Democracy” has become more of a joke and a meme. We have developed these sentiments and show you Democracy as it is. The most real, profitable and adrenaline casino!

The Democracy slot is the result of the media buzz and media waves that swept past us this wonderful years. In our newest online slot, we have reflected all the delights that modern Democracy literally endows its users with. Here are the longed-for backs, and the expectation of victory, and beautiful clownish symbols, and high expectations, and tears of defeat, and mirage of victories. And of course, the US dollar! Democracy is a slot with an extended 5×4 layout (you must have a choice!). In addition to intriguing spins, you can expect comfortable game volatility values, and a delightful RTP value. Wild chicken will substitute all the symbols and our special democratically dollar beasts can drop three times! And then, before you start spinning 10 Free Spins, you must first choose your favorite political party! In particular, the political donkey party or the political elephant party. Next comes the calculation of the number of very important elephants or donkeys, according to the formula one symbol appeared anywhere on the reels equals one vote. In the end, if there are more votes for the party you have chosen, then you get another +10 Free Spins! Thus, the number of free spins is infinite, you just need to vote correctly! Sounds like democracy, doesn’t it? Additionally, you can expect a pre-election atmosphere as well as addicting classic gameplay!

We tried to make this slot as close as possible to the pre-election process, so loved by the masses. The Democracy Online Slot is the newest addition to our line of Life slots. Are you ready to support Democracy?

Game Details
  • Released
  • Reels x Rows
    5 x 4
  • Paylines
  • Volatility
  • Hit Rate
  • RTP
    94.94 %
  • Max Win
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